Beatdown in Bangkok now available!

Happy July Fourth, Denizens of ye olde Interwebs! My newest title is available on Amazon for Kindle ($0.99) and Kindle Unlimited (free). Justin Fike and I are really excited. You’re gonna enjoy a good laugh here.

Our first review came in from Lindsey of Here’s what she says:

“Beatdown in Bangkok takes all of the strutting hyperbole of cowboys, mixes it with the terse masculinity of classic noire, throws in a dose of James Bond-esque action and then drenches the entire thing in barrels of dry wit. It is endearingly hilarious, fast-paced, straightforward and action-packed. A good read to fill a summer afternoon or a plane ride. Highly recommended.”
Well, y’all, I nearly forgot to post a link to the book itself. I felt a feeling of embarrassment there for a second, I reckon.
Ladies and gentlemen, cowboys and cheerleaders, I present: Beatdown in Bangkok: A Stetson Jeff Adventure!
And we do appreciate your patronage as well as any review you care to leave. And watch for Mayhem in Morocco coming on Labor Day. Sawadee Klap, Amigos! Thanks!

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