Audio Books


My first audio book is Vortex Street.

Poems and Flash Fiction.

We included some sick EDM beats from my son J.J. Fleming.

It’s relaxing- my wife says you could listen to it multiple times.

Please visit your favorite audiobook retailer and search for “Vortex Street” by Adam G. Fleming. Here’s the book on Audible.

Don’t have an audiobook platform you like? Not sure where to go? Why not head over to ? When you get books there, you can pick a local, independent bookstore to support through your purchase. I like to send my support to Fables Bookstore in Goshen, Indiana.

There are plenty of platforms that don’t require a subscription, too.

Now available on Audible and soon everywhere you can find audio books! How to Make a Positive Cultural Impact, presented by our new imprint: Friendly Hedgehog Books. Narrated by Megan Elaine Fleming.