Writing Coach Adam G. Fleming, PCC

Hi! I’m Adam G. Fleming, PCC. Dad of 4 kids, world traveler, author of books in a variety of genres, and professor / trainer of Leadership Coaching Skills.

Are you staring at a blank page, but sure you have a book in you? I can help you get unstuck. Contact me today for a free consultation.

I won’t guarantee you’ll ever write a bestseller, but I can guarantee that you won’t if you don’t write anything at all. I’m an author with ten titles under my belt since 2012, one traditionally published and nine self-published. I’ve published fiction, nonfiction, and poetry too. Writing is my hobby right now, yet I’m prolific because when I sit down to write, I write. Since 2009 my primary occupation has been leadership coaching. I have coached a lot of creatives and entrepreneurs. I now train other people as coaches in certified programs and I also teach coaching at a college.

Maybe you’ve seen a lot of other writing coaches pop up overnight. Coaching mushrooms. I am not an author who just decided to call themselves a coach yesterday to get some extra cash. I’m a professionally-trained coach with 14 years of experience, who happens to also be a productive writer. I am certified by and accountable to the International Coach Federation for competent and ethical practice.

My primary coaching website is www.motivaitonallistening.net and my books are available on Amazon. Testimonials to my coaching ability and my coach training are available on my LinkedIn profile.

I am not an expert in marketing, and my package isn’t about guiding you through self-publishing or querying, I’m not going to give you editorial comments or proofread your work, and I’m not going to guarantee you’ll ever be considered a GREAT writer. None of those things matter if you don’t first sit down to write. This is for those who just can’t get traction when they sit down to write. If you’re serious about writing and seriously stuck, and if writing is important to you– I mean it’s in your blood somehow, you can’t get the idea out of your head that at least part of the reason you are on this planet is to write, and you’re dying inside because it isn’t happening… then get in touch with me for a complimentary consultation.

Stop staring at a blank page. Feel free to get in touch. Let’s get you writing!