Creativity. Destiny. Friendship.

Three key values.

One is for HOW I work, and the core value is Creativity. Doesn’t matter if you’re in business, the arts, nonprofit leadership. That’s my most important value in terms of how I do what I do. I deploy my creativity in the coaching process.

The second is WHY I work. That core value is Destiny. This one is a value that has to do with you. I believe you have a purpose, and you  can know what it is. If you believe that too, we have a shared value. I deploy my creativity to uncover your destiny.

The third one is even more overarching, it solidifies the other two. My creativity, your destiny, our Friendship. I believe everyone needs a friend. If you work at the top, in a leadership position somehow, in entrepreneurship or in the nonprofit world, it can be lonely. I consider my current and past clients a friend for life.

A Creative process to uncover and pursue your destiny, building friendship together.

I’m a pro since 2009, I have training, certificates, credentials even, yadda, yadda. I’m happy to go over that stuff if you want. My testimonials speak for themselves. Check out the testimonials at