Free Book

Hi there. This is Adam. I am not a robot.

I have a free gift for you! Through the end of February, 2022, you can enter to win a full set of autographed paperback copies of the Satchel Pong Chronicles. In the meantime, all entrants will receive a free copy of Vortex Street! My robot will facilitate the giving of this gift.

Sorry, this is really Adam now, my robot lied to you, the gift is not free. I covet, crave and desire your email address. You have to give me something. That’s how commerce works, and don’t kid yourself: nothing is ever really free, punk.

Don’t worry. I will only email you five times a day.

SHUT UP, robot. My robot is just kidding. We will email you once a month, twice if there’s something big going on.

There’s almost never anything that big going on.

Yeah, but there could be. Someday. So, do the thing and get a free book, and a chance to win FIVE. Unsubscribe any time you want. But I think after you read this free book you’re going to want to stay in touch.

I give away other cool stuff in my monthly emails. All the time. Millions of dollars worth of free stuff.

Um, remember, that’s for me to decide, robot.


Enjoy, and thanks!

Adam Garfunklestiltskin Fleming