Long Voyage Ahead

The invitation stands to come back to Congo again. When? Who knows. We can hope it will be as soon as next year.My bags are packed and in 90 minutes or so the company called “Jeffery Travels” will send a minivan to take me and Bill to the airport. We anticipate a two hour traffic jam followed by three hours at the airport, multiple checks of our baggage, and I’ll be back in the friendly skies by 10 PM.

On the way here I enjoyed the sparse scenery of the Sahara Desert and the Alps around Geneva, Switzerland, caught a few glimpses of Belgian Countryside on the way into Brussels, and saw Brazzaville and the Congo River at dusk.

Bill will be flying on a different airline, so my homeward bound adventure may not consist of much besides watching a movie or two, listening to a book on Kindle, and eating weird things. My health has been good almost the entire time (my stomach didn’t feel to great yesterday) and I’ve really enjoyed the people I worked with.

We’re just short of the rainy season, I think if we stayed another week I’d probably get rain, even now we feel the humidity beginning to come on.

What’s next? I guess we’ll find out pretty soon because I don’t have a whole lot lined up. I hope to be able to coach a few of these Kinois as I’ve been training them, and we’ll just have to see about the rest.