Muslims and Christians: Do we share the same God?

I have another blog I don’t use anymore, which was titled “Jesus in Jeopardy” where the theme was the idea of presenting Jesus as the Question rather than the Answer, just as the answers are flipped on their heads as questions in the erudite game show, Jeopardy.

People make assumptions about Islam. It’s not surprising that a lot of Muslims make assumptions about Jesus, too. We spend very little time listening to experts who’ve read the texts, so it is often assumed that Islam is 100% anti-Jesus. Many Americans think that Islam is all about jihad, and it’s easy to think that when the most visible branch of Islam is the one that causes chaos. You’d think that the main thing the Koran has to say about Jesus is that Muslims should kill Jesus’ followers, (or just westerners or just people) but that’s not the case. At some point, an inquisitive Muslim has to ask the question “Who is Jesus, anyway?” Turns out that the Koran has some very interesting things to say about Jesus. Take a look¬†at how this Imam discovered who Jesus is by studying the Koran.