More About Me

I’m a motivational “listener”, leadership coach, writer/novelist, philosopher and poet (or prophet,) humorist, speaker/performer, artist, entrepreneur, a husband since 1998, and four awesome kids call me “dad” so the label some friends have given me fits: Renaissance man.

My weakness is that I’m interested in too many things! But I do prioritize and execute great work.

I spent my primary energy from 2007-2015 becoming a great listener, and as a result I’m now one of only two professionally credentialed Christian coaches in Indiana (I’m referring to CCNI‘s Professional or Master designations. I chose to mention it here by way of explanation for why I have those letters “CPCC” after my name). I’ve coached people in at least fifteen countries on five continents via Skype and I have traveled as far as Congo to provide leadership coach training.

I’ve written two books and have more in process.

My blog isn’t always about coaching, or writing. It’s about whatever I want to write. Sometimes you get a poem, sometimes thoughts on coaching. Sometimes other stuff. I keep it real and mix it up. Here’s a short video with a bit more about how I work with my friends.




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