Welcome! My list of books is always growing! Most of them are available in paperback and I’m happy to ship autographed copies. Venmo is super helpful these days so if there’s something you want and you’d like to get it direct from the author, email me at agf@adamgfleming for pricing. To see all available books on Amazon, visit my Author Page on Amazon here. Or, click the links below to find a specific book.


Vortex Street: a chapbook. This is a compilation of poems written while traveling and coming home, serious and spiritual; along with a handful of flash fiction stories, quirky and hilarious.

Vortex Street  is now on Amazon.


The Satchel Pong Chronicles:

SPGreatMigration_BookCover_2019_V3Satchel Pong and the Great Migration. Release date: April 5, 2019. Amazon.

First book in the Satchel Pong Chronicles. Satchel Pong is a magistrate in Turan City–specifically the Meteorologist. Over time, he’s noticed that temperatures are rising, and he must convince his people to leave their homes or face deadly conditions. Aided and directed by the Dirigibles, he sets out on a voyage to lead his people to safety.

Dystopian Steampunk adventure!

There are currently two more books in the Satchel Pong Chronicles with two more nearing completion.

Satchel Pong and the Search for Emil Ennis (book 2)

Sent on an errand to the city of Doeth, Emil Ennis never returns to his migrating tribe. Now that Satchel Pong has arrived at his first destination, there’s nothing to do but search for the boy. Meanwhile, Emil’s life has taken a different path. What’s in store for Emil once he’s been conscripted into the army and Modified? Will Satchel and his friend Antoinette be able to save him from his fate?



Antoinette Xho and the Sky Dwellers (Book 3)

When the town of Galena is attacked, Antoinette, her apprentice Wilty Zeebo, and their friends board airships. But is it safe to live among the sky dwellers? Or will they all be destroyed by dirigible-flying pirates known as “dirates”?




On April 21, 2017 I releasCulturalImpactCovered my seventh book, How to Make a Positive Cultural Impact. What’s it about? A friend of mine complained that he had too many leadership books to read on his shelves, and wished someone would sum it all up. Challenge accepted. This e-book-only offering is a quick read, at only about 8,300 words, and sells for only $2.99 USD. If you’re leading a team, then you’re building a culture. What you do every day impacts the operating values in that culture. How can you bring empathy and creativity to work? The keys are simple to understand but may be challenging to implement! Enjoy.



Who is Stetson Jeff? Part Walker, Texas Ranger; part Forrest Gump; part 1980s kickbox movie trope spoof. these adventures will have you laughing until you cry. These paperbacks arrived December 30, 2016. Volume 1 in The Stetson Jeff Adventure Series includes Stetson Jeff books 1, 2, and 3, PLUS an exclusive short story titled “A Very Stetson Christmas”. You can buy the paperback volume, or do the e-books one at a time, and watch for Stetson Jeff #4 coming soon! This series will eventually have nine books!


Beatdown in Bangkok: A Stetson Jeff Adventure

Note: Beatdown in Bangkok is FREE on Amazon!

Praise for Stetson Jeff:

“Beatdown in Bangkok takes all of the strutting hyperbole of cowboys, mixes it with the terse masculinity of classic noir, throws in a dose of James Bond-esque action and then drenches the entire thing in barrels of dry wit. It is endearingly hilarious, fast-paced, straightforward and action-packed. A good read to fill a summer afternoon or a plane ride. Highly recommended.” Lindsey Kay

SetsonJeffTexture (622x800)



Mayhem in Marrakesh: A Stetson Jeff Adventure (#2)

Stetson Jeff has traveled to Morocco, where he meets a movie star, feeds majoun (a dessert with hashish) to a camel, and tears off across the desert. Because he’s Stetson Jeff, that’s why.





Pandemonium in Paradise: A Stetson Jeff Adventure (#3)

Stetson Jeff comes home to the States after his travels in Thailand and Morocco, but stops off in Amish Country. Highlight: the low-speed chase– horse and buggy vs. forklift.



Motivational Listening art front cover

2015: The Art of Motivational Listening: Creative Ideas for Effective Leaders. This book contains a series of essays on leadership coaching from the first six or seven years of my coaching career. Great for coaches or anyone who wants to become a better listener. I decided not to write a “How-to” book and instead opted to use stories to help you shift perspectives.

You can buy this book at Amazon.


Cover design by Jordan Kauffman

White Buffalo Gold was published in 2012. In a dying Nebraska town, high school students face difficult choices: move on to the big city? Or stay home? When Emily begins to work for the town’s largest employer, a nursing home, she discovers a mystery. Was Harmony the site of a major gold rush? Can she draw the memories out of the town’s oldest citizens?

Reviews, ratings, synopsis and Kindle version are all on Amazon.

If you are interested in bulk copies of paperback books, please contact me ( for special pricing on volume purchases.

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