Scribble: A productive writer’s network

chaam cowboys

I have a partnership with my co-author Justin Fike called Cha’am Cowboys Publishing. We’re collaborating to produce some zany comic adventures. Justin and I both coach writers, and we’ve teamed up to create a space for writers who are serious about improving their craft and sticking with it to write, edit and publish their first book, and perhaps beyond. The group is called Scribble: a Productive Writer’s Network.

Writing books is a lifestyle choice. If you want to make that choice, but you’ve been struggling to make the time and be accountable to do it, our Mighty Network is for you.

Below is some of the free content for our Writer’s Group — or anyone who is serious about writing novels, non-fiction books, screenplays, etc. Each one of these videos provides content for those who attend our group — so that during the time we spend together we aren’t spending a lot of time on providing input. Rather, we get to work on making our goals for the next month, and making sure we’ll meet them.

This group works! We’re getting writing projects done! Justin and I have published several books together, and we’re continuing to do so.

Here are a few videos to give you an idea of how Justin and I collaborate to bring you great content!

Talking About Setup: Watch before December 2015 Group

Reading, Resources, and Research: Watch before January 2016 Group


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