Writer’s Group

I’ve begun a partnership with Justin Fike called Cha’am Cowboys Publishing. Together we’re writing some zany comic adventures, but we also consult with aspiring writers and communicate regularly in a free format via Blab.

Before that we hosted a monthly telephone call. Our members have found success with us after years of dragging out the process.

Writing books is a lifestyle choice. If you want to make that choice, our Blab channel is for you.

Since we began the group, these members have successfully completed these rough drafts:

Justin Fike, untitled; 102,000 words, draft complete March 2016.

Tim Stair, The Man in the Plaid Green Jacket; 76,000 words, draft complete February 2016.

Adam G. Fleming, The Art of Motivational Listening; 61,000 words (published Nov 2015).

Below is free content for our Writer’s Group — or anyone who is serious about writing novels, non-fiction books, screenplays, etc. Each one provided content for those who attend our group — so that during the time we spend together we aren’t spending a lot of time on providing input. Rather, we get to debrief what you heard.

If you’d like to get into the Blab with Justin and me, please send me an email at adam.fleming.lifecoach@gmail.com and I’ll put you on the Cha’am Cowboys email list.

This group works! We’re getting writing projects done! Enjoy the videos — then, consider joining the group if you’re serious about getting your novel published.

Note: there are two different intros here. Watch one or both, it’s your call!

Talking About Setup: Watch before December 2015 Group

Reading, Resources, and Research: Watch before January 2016 Group


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